About Us

We live in a rapidly changing world, one that is very different from the one many of our parents grew up in.  Today, a number of our friends, co-workers, neighbors, business partners, etc. belong to different ethnic communities. Because of this, our culture is enriched.  Our children are raised with a global perspective.  And we all benefit from the scientific, technological, medical and artistic advancements that they have shared with us.  The Asian-American Cultural Circle of Unity, a 501c3 not for profit organization was founded in 2007 to celebrate the heritage and traditions of these groups.

The Asian-American Cultural Circle of Unity’s mission

To foster awareness and appreciation of the many different countries represented here in the United States. Our goal is to reach out to the population at large by inviting them to participate in our festivals, programs, seminars, exhibits, films and lectures. Through artistic mediums, we cross barriers and promote unity with all the cultures in our diverse world.

Board Members
Stella Shieh / Karen Bomzer / Tanya Lee / Victor Chang / Gina Battaglia / Jiji Shapiro / Yuan Gao

Festival Committee Members & Coordinators

Sudaporn Arzillo / Gina Battaglia / Karen Bomzer / Victor Chang / Yuan Gao / Du Heng / Lan Hu / Tanya Lee / David Peng / Jiji Shapiro / Stella Shieh / Mieko Takahashi / JuJu Natwadee Rattanasriampipong / Joanna Stella DelGiudice / Daniel Tsai / Thunyatorn Ng / Maria Loreta

Stella Shieh / Karen Bomzer / Tai Wang

Contact Us/General Inquiries: info@aaccu.org